White flowers, urn shaped, hang from upper leaf axils wiht a radial symmetry. Rounded and persistant capsule fruit that ripens in late summer, turning from red to brown. Bud is small and brown, alternate arrangement, imbricate scale arrangement. Alternate arrangement of simple leaves . Leaf duration is persistent, evergreeen that turns red to brown in the autumn.  Leaves are .4-1" long. Leaf surface has a firm, leathery texture with scales, dark green with minute white or brown scales, much paler below. Plant is a small woody shrub. Plant size is 0.2-2 m. Twig surface is glabrous, with no visiable lenticels, smooth reddish-brown to gray. 

Ecological Notes: 

Chamaedaphne calyculata grows in wetland areas, such as bogs, marshes, and other similar habitats, although it does best in bogs.Wetland environment. Chamaedaphne calyculata is acid tolerant, usually living in areas with a pH below 5.0. Within a bog habitat, leather leaf can play a role in extending the bog mat, and often can be the first shrub to enter a bog after sphagnum is introduced to the habitat. This shrub anchors itself to floating bogs through its rhizomes.

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