Student Sketches: 

Page by Kathryn Grice • Best in acidic well-drained soil environments, Fagus grandifolia is moderately tolerant of droughts and barely tolerant of salty soil. It is found in low elevations in the northern US while found in high elevations in the southern Appalachians. Beech covers North America from the midwest (parts of Texas north to eastern Wisconsin) to the east coast (from Nova Scotia south to northern Florida). Its roots system contains a relatively high amount of organic acids and is shallow and mat-like, beginning with a taproot that often turns into a heart root system. With durable wood, beech is often used in flooring, furniture, veneer, plywood, and even rough lumber. Flowering in late April or early May, beech trees are quite vulnerable to decay fungi; more than 70 types of fungi have been found to infect beech trees.